Claimed by the Minotaur Duke


A dark tale of imprisonment, force, bonding, escape, and healing…

Agnes Babbington, the Duchess of Evonshire, has no idea there’s a labyrinth built in the depths of the wood behind her estate until her husband locks her in there.

She’s not alone. There’s a bull-headed man with her.

Her husband Cyril has been trying to get an heir on her for over a year with no luck. Cyril says she can’t leave until she’s with child—the monster’s child, which he will claim as his own.

And it’s worse, because she knows the minotaur. He’s her husband’s brother Dorian, the man who would have been duke if it hadn’t been purported he was dead. She’s never liked Dorian, a rich rake of a man who takes delight in ridiculing her. Dorian’s not dead, though. Dorian is cursed with a bull’s head and bull’s hooves, and now she is locked up with him here in this labyrinth with no escape.

She won’t couple with that thing, of course.

And Dorian—for his part—claims he’s not interested in forcing her.

But then Cyril comes with a revolver and demands their participation.

Now, she and Dorian are bound in shared anguish. They will have revenge on Cyril. They will fight their way free. And they will travel together towards whatever happiness is left to broken things like them.

This forced-breeding monster romance is a dark journey to a destination of unshakable, everlasting love. It’s unflinching and intense, but it’s also lava-level hot. Non-consensual activity is depicted. There are also explorations of fantasies of bondage, power plays, and voyeurism. It’s ultimately a story about affirming and integrating the darkest aspects of ourselves and about healing the harm others do to us. HEA guaranteed.