Bones and Solitude: Wren Delacroix, Book 6


Wren and Reilly track the Quarantine Killer

On March 26, 2020, Sarah James hears a noise in her apartment. She lives alone, and she’s easily frightened. With the current state of the country, she’s harried. She goes through and checks each room, telling herself she’s overreacting.

But she’s not alone.

These will be her last moments on earth.

With the entire state on lockdown, and no one leaving their homes for anything except essential activities, it is weeks before Sarah’s body is discovered, lots of time for the newly minted Quarantine Killer to have struck again.

Wren Delacroix and Caius Reilly are working from home, going stir crazy without access to decent coffee. They’re happy enough to have a case to solve.

Then the bodies start to pile up. Then the killer taunts them with his flagrant disregard for anything but his own twisted appetites. Now they have to do whatever they can to stop him.