Stillness is for sale!

Can’t wait until 10/19? Buy The Stillness in the Air now!

It’s only $5, which means it’s cheaper than a pair of earrings from Claire’s or a stick of Maybelline Eyeliner or a Quarter Pounder meal from McDonalds.

If you buy it now, you’ll get the chance to know what happens to Jason and Azazel in seconds, since it’s a downloadable ebook (which you can read on your computer screen or an ebook reader of your choice–every format is represented.) If you wait, the book will be serializing until December 28th.

Finally, if you buy the book, you’ll be helping to support me and also indie authors everywhere. The more copies we sell, the more legitimate we appear. Your purchase is a vote for alternative ways of publishing fiction.

Did I mention that there are two super hot guys, lots of angst-laden romance, and a couple of awesome gun fights?

Just buy it!!