Book Trailer Contest–nudge, nudge

So…it’s been eight days since I posted about the contest, and I haven’t gotten one entry. There are thirteen days left to enter. With three copies of Stillness to give away, the competition is not fierce. What have you got to lose? It might be fun! Make a trailer.

Maybe, you’re saying, “I don’t know what a fan made book trailer even is.” Well…here are some examples:
(City of Bones by Cassandra Clare)
(The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins)
(Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater)
(Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick)

“Whoa,” you might be thinking, “those look pretty good. How do they even DO that?”

On your computer, if you have Windows, there is a program called Windows Movie Maker. It will allow you to splice together bits of video, pictures, sounds, whatever, by dropping and dragging them. Then you can put text over them and edit your movie in cool ways. (If you have a Mac, you have the FAR superior iMovie, which I loooove.)

I have amazing amounts of fan art from you guys, so I know you are visually talented. Send me the trailers!!


Here’s the fine print again: Make a fan book trailer for any of my books. (It’s probably better if you pick one you’ve read, but go nuts!!) Upload it to youtube, tag it with my name and the name of the book, and send me an email with the URL (just copy-paste it from the address bar at youtube) at administrator (at) To be clear, even though Stillness is the prize, the trailers aren’t for Stillness. They should be for books I’ve already published.

All entries must be received by me by September 21st. Then I’ll pop them all up for everyone to see, we’ll vote, and the winners will get the book when it comes out!