9/9 Premieres on the CW

And we’re back.

So, I thought I’d drop a couple lines on my thoughts on Thursday’s shows on the CW, since it seems to be, like, the only network I watch these days.

The Vamp Diaries
was ho-hum. We’ve officially skipped off the source material COMPLETELY. Katherine is not only alive, but wreaking havoc in town. Aah!

Except I’ve already written and talked about my feelings on the new, sweet Damon (I feel he switched from bad to good too quickly without any good reason) and now it appears that he’s switching right back to evil Damon. Poor Damon. In other news, Stefan is looking hotter and hotter. 🙂 But, yeah, other than eye candy, this series is doing very little for me at the moment. I’ll probably keep watching. What else do I have to do before bed on Thursday anyway.

Nikita, on the other hand, was very fun! It had a lot of the same feel of the old USA Network show, which some 21st century feel infused in there. At first, I was a little weirded out by the character of Alex, but then I warmed up to it. I like the fact that the show is kind of a sequel and reboot all at the same time. Plus, I like that they kept Michael (who I don’t think was a character in the original movie).

So, two thumbs up to Nikita.

Now…I’ve got to wait until the 24th for the new Supernatural. Which might even be terrible. Oh, the anxiety.