Cover Reveal: Compelled

boxed set
This boxed set comes out May 8th, one week from today. It will be $0.99. I need you to buy it.

So, last week in my vlog, I explained that I had some ideas in the works to use stuff that I’ve already written to make me some money to help out with the expenses of Baby Stormageddon. (In case you don’t know, my bundle of joy is due in early December. Hooray! See my announcement post here.)

I’m really, really having trouble writing new material right now. Between exhaustion, nausea, brain fog, headaches, massive hunger, food aversions, and a general feeling of ickiness, sometimes I feel like I’m just barely surviving. They say this gets better in the 2nd trimester, and I sincerely hope they are right. 🙂

But even if I was trucking along with a new release like normal, I still would need to raise funds for this baby, because this year is not a good year for me in terms of book sales. Without getting into too much detail, I have done some math, and I have determined that to pay my bills, eat, pay off my insurance premium, and pay taxes, I need about $28,000 for the rest of this year. If things continue the way they have been, I will only make $10,500, so as you can see, I’m at a deficit.

Now, I’ve been saying all year that if I need to go find a job, I will, and that’s true. I mean, you know, I’ll have to. But seeing as I’m sick as a dog, and as Aaron and I only have one car now (the other one got totaled), and that I’m pregnant, which will mean that I’ll need to take a bunch of time off when the baby’s born and then eventually figure out child care and… Look, if there’s any way that I can keep staying at home, I want to do it.

Which is why I’m here, being pathetic, and holding out my hat.

I need your help.

And this is my first attempt to try to make some money. What’s big right now? Boxed sets!! And what’s the best way to make money as an indie author? Hook people on your series!!

So, I’m publishing this boxed set for $.99. It has the first books in every single one of my series, and it has three other standalone novels. It will be released next week, and I need you to buy it. ALL OF YOU. (Even if you already own all the books. I need you to buy this boxed set anyway.) I need you all to buy the boxed set the minute that I release it, because the surge of people buying it will push it up the charts and make it have visibility and hopefully get other people to buy it too.

One dollar. For me. For Baby Stormageddon. Please.

So start saving your pennies for next week. Release date 5/8. And here’s the pitch:

COMPELLED: a V. J. Chambers collection
Eight complete novels for only $0.99!! (You save $19.)

Dark. Raw. Provocative. Sexy. Tortured.
Are you ready to go to the edge?

In a V. J. Chambers story, love is searing… but it cannot be resisted. Stakes are high. Danger is imminent. Morality is gray. And characters aren’t perfect.

Read the first books in five different series. And get three standalone novels as a bonus!

For $0.99, you get:
Vigil (Standalone): NA Superhero Romance
Out of Heaven’s Grasp (Standalone): NA Contemporary about a polygamous cult
The Killing Moon (Cole and Dana #1): Werewolf Urban Fantasy
Slow Burn (Assassins #1): NA Romantic Thriller
Frenzy (Standalone): NA Romantic Thriller
Breathless (Jason and Azazel #1): YA Paranormal
Dancing Days (The Helicon Muses #1): YA Portal Fantasy
The Toil and Trouble Trilogy, Book One: YA Urban Fantasy

***And if you’re feeling really giving, you can always donate via paypal**