The Quiet Bones: Wren Delacroix #2

Release date 9/18/2019.


There are two kinds of serial killers–organized and disorganized.

This killer that Wren Delacroix is trying to make a profile for? He’s both. Or neither. Or… she doesn’t know what, but she can’t make heads or tails of his crime scenes.

The killer leaves his teenage-girl victims where he killed them. Naked, dirty, and destroyed, they are tossed aside like nothing, and he runs. This is classic disorganized presentation.

However, the killer has also cleaned up after himself, leaving behind no evidence whatsoever, and he’s posting videos on YouTube, claiming responsibility and taunting the authorities. That’s something an organized killer would do.

As the bodies pile up, Wren’s profile is exactly nowhere.

And then a man hurt by her mother Vivian, entangled with Wren’s own past, emerges from the woodwork, desperate and violent. Now Wren has more pressing concerns than solving the case–like her own safety.