King Breaker: The Clash and the Heat, Book 1

I’m publishing this under a variation of my name, because it’s epic fantasy, not urban fantasy.


Kiss the dark prince? Or kill him.

There’s nothing about Prince Remy Toussaint that’s remotely appealing. Not the smug look he gets when he realizes he can see through Queen Fleur of Islaigne’s sheer dress or the dismissive, monotone voice he uses when he’s discussing his naked ambition for his brother’s throne.

He’s despicable.

Fleur was never supposed to be working with him. She intended to kill him on their wedding night, escape in the chaos, and go back to her home country of Islaigne.

But when Fleur found out one of Remy’s secrets, she decided to blackmail him instead. When she did, he looked at her with a kind dark respect, suspecting she was as ruthless as he was, and now they’ve got some kind of alliance going on.

But Fleur hates it, for the record.

And she doesn’t care about the weird flutter she gets in her stomach when he refers to her as his wife and puts too much emphasis on the word.

She’s only working with him because it serves her purpose. No other reason.

At all.

This fantasy romance is for you if you like tough female leads, enemies with benefits, love triangles, duels to the death over women, court intrigue, pirates, angsty bed hopping, redemption arcs, and scenes in which male characters are regularly unbuttoning their shirts.