Eloise and the Werewolves

Release date: August 17, 2023


A cerberus with three heads also has three tongues. And when they are in wolf form, those three tongues are very flexible, as Eloise discovers one night when she’s wandering in the woods in werewolf territory on a full moon. (Don’t ask. It’s her brother’s fault. Chasing her accident-waiting-to-happen brother is responsible for half of the unpleasantness in her life.)

One might think three tongues would be enough for a girl to, you know, get there. See the stars burst in her head. Fall apart. Experience the little death. Come.

But, well, Eloise doesn’t do that, at least not in front of anyone else, at least she never has.

No makes Eloise come but her.

Not that she’s really been giving anyone else the chance to try recently, of course. She and her best friend Astrid had a pact to avoid meaningless sex and to wait for the right guy to come along.

The cerberus? Not even close to the right guy.

But when the three-headed, muscular, deep-voiced, gorgeous triplets propose a mutually beneficial arrangement—just physical, no feelings—she can’t resist those tongues. Or the chance to finally hit the big O with someone other than, you know, her battery-operated-boyfriend.

Arrangements like that? They always work out fine, of course. No one ever catches feelings. No one ever gets hurt. No one ever regrets them.

The most realistic book you’ll ever read about a three-headed werewolf! Sick of stories where men magically know how to get women off when you’ve met actual men? This story is for you. (Also, contains the following: knotting, mate bites, and shifted-werewolf-on-human action)