Invoke blurb

Okay, well, the squirrels at Query Letter Hell still aren’t happy with this thing, but I’m done with the Invoke blurb. Curious about what the book’s about? Here you go:

Wyn has spent the last few years learning to control her ability to communicate with spirits at the academy. It’s a haven for her and others like her, including her sweet, beautiful boyfriend.

But all that changes when a routine exercise in the spirit realm goes wrong. Now, possessed by the spirit of Queen Guinevere, Wyn awakes in the middle of the night, yearning for someone else. She breathes a name in longing. Lancelot.

Tangled up in swords, castles, and mists, Wyn’s very essence is being ripped away from her. If she doesn’t fight it, she’ll be lost. But with every passing day, she feels trapped by desires she doesn’t want, and it’s getting harder to remember where she ends and Guinevere begins.