If Amanda Hocking blogs about fake reviews…

…then I shall too, because I’m never one to pass up a chance to mention Amanda Hocking and thereby get a few hundred random strangers visiting my blog. (I have a link at the top, Amanda Hocking surfers. Buy my books!)

Okay, where was I? Right, so Amanda Hocking wrote a blog post about the fake review scandal that no one can get enough of these days. It’s here.

Now for my opinion.

Reviews really don’t make that much difference, good, bad, or numerous.

Also, this whole success thing is about 80% roll of the dice and 20% hard work/talent.

Furthermore, as everyone who subscribes to my email list knows, I beg for reviews all the time, and I’m not above offering rewards (offer’s still good and includes books I’ve published since 2010) or incentives for them.