Death Girl available for Kindle, new low price!

Death Girl is now available for $2.99 at both Amazon and Smashwords. Click here to go to the kindle link.

Since it’s a shorter book, I thought the cheaper price tag was appropriate, and since my Kindle sales are really starting to take off, it was a no-brainer to pop it up there.

Ironically, today it was brought to my attention that one of my student’s parents was really upset about this book (basically, I think on the premise of the title and the book trailer), so I’d like to reiterate that while this book is written about high school seniors, it contains frank discussions of teenage sexuality (as in, “Hey, why is it more fun for seventeen-year-old boys than girls” and a masturbation scene–male, though, I mean that’s pretty PC, right? According to the MPAA, boys masturbating is R–American Pie–while girls masturbating is NC-17–But I’m a Cheerleader), teenage drinking (with a wicked hangover and complete regret of the MC’s drunken decisions, though. I dare you say I skirt consequences in my books. Dare you.), and psychopathic antagonist of the supernatural variety. I beg you, if you’re a minor, please talk to your parents before reading anything I write. Beg.

(I’d also like to take this opportunity to further reiterate that I might write about the occult, but I don’t sacrifice goats, drink baby blood, or believe in anything more radical than thinking for yourself. ‘Course, I suppose that’s the most radical stance of all.)