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breathless, a ya romance-thriller by v.j. chambers
book one of the Jason and Azazel trilogy

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Breathless is a completed serial novel. For a quick taste, watch the book trailer below.

Interested? Start reading episode one. What more info? Check out the blurb.

Like the music on the trailer? Support the artist, my awesome boyfriend, Aaron.

You can buy the book in paperback or as an ebook for Kindle or Smashwords.

Note: Breathless contains frank discussions of teenage sexuality and some harsh language. It is intended for readers 16 and up.

Further note: No animals were sacrificed during the writing of this book. In other words, Breathless does not encourage or endorse the occult in any way.

why online?

After pursuing traditional publishing (with this book and several other finished manuscripts) for about five years, I'm ready to try something different. For more on my reasons to independently publish, check out my blog.

Let the indie publishing revolution begin!!!